Sylvia Fraser, born in Hamilton, is a novelist, journalist and travel writer. In her long year career as a journalist, she has written hundreds of articles, beginning as a Feature Writer for The Toronto Star Weekly (1957–68), and continuing with articles for many other magazines and newspapers including The Globe & Mail, Saturday Night, Chatelaine, the Walrus and Toronto Life. She served on the Arts Advisory Panel to Canada Council, was a founding member of The Writers’ Union of Canada and for many years was on the executive of The Writers’ Trust, a charitable organization for the support of Canadian authors and literature. Fraser lives in Toronto.

Major works include:

  • 2003 – The green labyrinth : exploring the mysteries of the Amazon (Non-fiction)
  • 2001 – The rope in the wate : a pilgrimage to India (Non-fiction)
  • 1998 – Tom and Francine : a love story (Fiction)
  • 1997 – A Woman’s place : seventy years in the lives of Canadian women (Non-fiction)
  • 1996 – The ancestral suitcase (Non-fiction)
  • 1992 – The Quest for the fourth monkey: a thinkers guide to the psychic and spiritual revolution (Non-fiction)
  • 1992 – The book of strange (Non-fiction)
  • 1987 – My father’s house: a memoir of incest and of healing (Non-fiction)
  • 1984 – Berlin Solstice: a nove (Fiction)
  • 1980 – The emperor’s virgin: a novel (Fiction)
  • 1978 – A casual affair: a modern fairytale (Fiction)
  • 1975 – The candy factory (Fiction)
  • 1972 – Pandora : a novel (Fiction)

Notable awards

  • Women’s Press Club, 1967 and ’68.
  • President’s Medal, for Canadian journalism, 1968
  • Canadian Authors’ Association Non-Fiction Book Award, 1987 for My Father’s House.
  • Feminist Book Fortnight Selection, U.K., 1987. My Father’s House
  • American Library Association Booklist Medal,1994, for The Quest for the Fourth Monkey.
  • National Magazine Gold Medal, 1994 , 2004, 2005
  • National Magazine Silver Medal, 1996 & 2002
  • Western Magazine Gold Medal, 2006.
  • Phoenix Women Rising Award, 2007 inaugural, Sexual Abuse Centre, London
  • The Matt Cohen A Writer’s Life Award for lifetime literary achievement
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