Jeanne (the librarian), of the Toronto Public Reference Library, is a true goddess of the stacks who turns the library experience into a true journey of exploration, learning and sensorial enlightenment.

Nate Hendley

I am a disabled Elder citizen I would really suffer with any proposed staff reduction.

George Harris

I have never dealt with a librarian that was not pleasant, helpful and civic minded.

Maria Muszynska

Without these libraries, and without the librarians at these libraries … the neighbourhoods that they serve would be sadder places.

Sarah Milton-Lomax

(My favourite librarian) showed me how to perform searches on the computer and helped me find the book in another library.

Michak Hasek

I can’t imagine a library without librarians. It’s like books without writers to me.

Elaine Berns

My favourite librarian is a treasure!

Judy Stoffman

(Librarians) bring a true sense of community to our neighbourhood. To me, they represent the best the City has to offer.

Yishey Choden

(My favourite librarian) is innovative and tireless in raising literacy standards and cultivating the love of reading.

Linda Ruth Ciglen

(My favourite librarian) chairs our book club, always reads the book, does his homework, knows us all as friends, always has tea, coffee and water and a treat.

Mary Ann

(Librarians) love to be helpful, they love to impart information and they love people who love books.

Wendy Hunt

Our librarians have no agenda to make a profit, to move customers along briskly, to put productivity over customer service. They recognize regulars and know their reading preferences and make an effort to welcome newcomers.

Hugh Baker

I was a latch-key kid, so I visited the library almost every day after school and hanging out with my favourite librarian was part of the draw. It kept me reading and out of trouble!


Hi, I’m 6. The best librarian ever is Teddy at High Park. He is very nice. He always helps me find books and thinks up other ones I will like too.

Steven Zeidler

Thank you, Dulce (the librarian), for bringing so many great books and stories into my life.


I have recently become a user of the Home Library Service…. I can’t wait for my monthly bag of goodies to arrive. Better than Santa Claus and a little more frequent.

Karen Riehm

There is no substitute for librarians; they are knowledgeable and helpful and a breed apart.

Carol Fox

She went out of her way to find me appropriate books… If we didn’t have librarians like this wonderful woman, what would we do?

Estelle Amaron

A font of knowledge about books, Marion (the librarian) is a very creative person who excels in thinking outside the box when it comes to stimulating a child’s desire to read and learn.

Frances MacCusworth

We love our Bookmobile and our travelling librarians and look forward to seeing them every Saturday morning.

Ann Buffery

Without librarians, knowledge would be far more difficult to access. It is one thing to have a building with books in it, it is quite another to be able to access it.

Our Public Library Supporter

I grew up to a mother with a reading disability, whose husband died unexpectedly, and we now lived in public housing. For a child who saw no way out, the librarians told me that my dream of being a lawyer wasn’t unrealistic and help me to get moving on the right track.

Ruby Hurlbut

Librarians know everything.

Diane Gordon

Hurrah for libraries, and for the wonderful librarians who work so hard to help all of us find the books etc. which illuminate our lives!

Phyllis Webster

My librarian...changed my life. This warmth and wisdom that librarians share is sacred, and its roots allow for discovering the world….


I am often impressed with the bravery they display for they must deal with all patrons; there is no security guard at the door and anyone can come in. Librarians are the heart and soul of a library.

Saranya Murthy

The memory of those floor to ceiling shelves of books in the bookmobile, the dusty bookish smell of them all, the quiet delight Howard (the librarian) took in helping each student find a book about firemen or flowers or fiddles lingers still.

Caroline Woodward

Staffless Libraries
More on the way…

Once again, it’s budget time at City Hall.

Mayor Tory has publicly committed to extending open hours of Our Public Library. That’s a great thing.

What Tory won’t tell you, is that he will extend open hours by making them Staffless.

But it’s not a done deal. City Council must approve this plan first.

Today, with the click of a button, we are asking you to send a message to City Council. Ask them for a firm commitment that they will not support any motion, which will result in the spreading of Staffless Libraries.

Anything short of a commitment is just an empty promise.

Staffless Libraries were first introduced to the Toronto Public Library (TPL) in November 2018, as a one-year “Pilot Program.”


Currently, they operate in two neighbourhood branches, the Todmorden Room and Swansea Memorial.


Almost everyone agrees TPL should be open longer. Our Public Library plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of Torontonians.


Every year, there are more than 19 million visits to TPL – by far making it the busiest Public Library in North America.


More than 950,000 patrons attend TPL’s 42,000 programs, a 40% increase since 2008.


Despite Toronto’s booming population and increased usage of TPL services, however, there are now 25% fewer Library Workers than there were twenty years ago.


Unless we stop Mayor Tory and his Chief Library bureaucrat, Vickery Bowles, libraries across the city will soon be open for hours at a time with no library staff onsite. No one to ask for help. No one to run programs that meet your community needs. No one to turn to in an emergency.


If you think Staffless Libraries are a bad idea, and you want more than empty promises please send a message to Mayor John Tory right now.

Join the Campaign

Thanks to you, supporters of our public library, awareness of Staffless Libraries is on the rise. Below is a short piece by City News.

If you think Staffless Libraries are a bad idea, and you want more than empty promises please send a message to Mayor John Tory right now.